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21 comments on “Enroll Here

  1. Good day Sir,

    I am Annalit Mays, I have been to a private driving lesson with Eddie before Thanksgiving, I would lie to know and see if I could have a schedule for taking a driving test this month. Looking forward from your respond.


  2. Can we schedule a drivers test through you? We are not having any luck with the DPS.

  3. My son got his permit 6 months ago, he is needing to take the driving written test and the physical driving test to get his license. Do you all provide both? Also, if so, what is your pricing?

  4. This is Larissa Koehn calling for my Son Joel Koehn. Joel would like to schedule his driving 3 driving classes. Please call 9188641889

  5. This is Joshua newkirk I was wondering how can I schedule a appointment to take my drivers license test?

  6. Does my child need to take driver’s education to get a permit with you? She’s 20 and lives in muskogee and is having trouble getting an appointment thank you.

    • Good Morning – we do not offer the permit test. That will have to be done at a DMV. However, you would have quicker success if you called and scheduled an appointment with Tulsa Tech at 31st and Memorial. They can actually give the permit test. Once she has her permit she will have to keep it for 30 days. We are able to give her the Drivers test and you can call (918)461-0881 to get that scheduled.

    • Hi Jessica – I apologize for the delayed response.
      We do not offer the permit test. That must be done at the DMV or you can call Tulsa Tech on 31st and Memorial and get right in to take the permit test.
      She will have to hold the permit for 30
      Days and then we would absolutely be able to test her. Once she has her permit you can call (918)461-0881 and Danny can schedule her accordingly.
      Thank you.

  7. Would like to schedule a drivers license exam for my son. Would be interested in Saturday if you have an opening or an evening option.

  8. Hello!
    I need to take my road test. I’ve been having very little luck with the DMV. I have only one question before calling to setup an appointment. Do you allow the test taker to use their own vehicle, or would I need to use a rental? I would prefer to use the vehicle I’ve been learning with for the past year.

    • Good morning. Thank you for your question. If you are taking the test at our driving school you must use our car. It is a small vehicle and very easy to transition to. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. To set up an appointment call (918) 461-0881.

  9. I need to do driver’s test both skills and written. I understand you are an independent contractor by the state. Can you help me?

    • Good morning – we cannot issue the permit test, which is the written portion. You must go to the DMV for that. Once you’ve received your permit and held it for the specific amount of time (if over 18 you must hold the permit for 1 month and if you’re under the age of 18 you must hold your permit for 6 months), before we could give you the drive test.
      I hope this information helps. Please, let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

  10. Do you guys pay for Epic students

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