Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving/Driver Improvement is a six-hour course.

It is a valuable course that provides students with a excellent review of driving as well as covers the importance of driving defensively. It gives students the opportunity to reflect upon their own driving and evaluate areas they can improve.

The Defensive Driving course may be used for:


The cost of the course is $50. Students may pay by cash only. Certificates will be issued upon completion of the course. The certificate bears the state seal. Additional copies of certificates are available for $10 each.

Greater Tulsa Driving School is State Licensed.

Click here to sign up for Defensive Driving Course.


The Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course is similar to the Defensive Driving Course. This course is also a review course of defensive driving techniques.

The certificate from this course may be used exclusively for an insurance discount.

This is an excellent course for companies who want their drivers to complete a safety course.

We often schedule special classes at our office. At times, it works best if we conduct the course at your site.  To schedule a MVAPC class please give us a call 918-461-0881.

MVAPC is also a state licensed course.

Due to the rapidly increasing gas prices, the Greater Tulsa Driving School has made a business decision to start and finish all drives from the driving school. We know this may be an inconvenience but we are trying not to have to raise our prices to meet the above average price for fuel.
Thank you for your understanding and I apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause.
– Danny Limes, Owner/Operator


4 comments on “Defensive Driving

  1. Hello I have my driver’s permit but not license and I am looking to get one. Does the defensive driving course offer that or not? I am also over the age of 18. Thank you for your help and I’m looking forward to hear back from you.

    • Good evening,
      The defensive driving class does not cover the road test. You must hold your permit for over 30 days since you are over 18. We do offer the road test, however it is by appointment. If you are interested please contact Danny at (918)461-0881.
      Thank you for your interest.

  2. Can adults over 40 take this class as well?

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